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Love In A Time Of HIV - From Russia With Love

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Part two of “Love in a time of HIV” goes to Russia’s second city, St Petersburg, to explore the love and relationships among a group of young friends who have HIV. Two of the men, Dennis and Volodya, do not have HIV but both their wives do. The men, both 25, are so keen to be fathers they are both having unprotected sex in a bid to start a family. Both men risk getting infected themselves.

But it’s the only way. In Russia it is illegal for women with HIV to have assisted conception, which means artificial insemination is not an option. So Dennis and Volodya are hoping love – and luck – will triumph.

The story of these couples and their friends is the story of drug abuse and addiction, shared needles, infection and the HIV epidemic which is gripping the former Soviet Union. But “From Russia With Love” is also a fascinating and honest look at sex, love, hope and the search for happiness.

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