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Unblocking the Choked Pipes of health care: From Pakistan to New York

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Unblocking the Choked Pipes of health care: From Pakistan to New York

As delegates from across the globe convene to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals, our latest documentary asks whether Universal Health Care is truly achievable in low to mid-income countries like Pakistan.

Choked Pipes, directed by award-winning filmmaker Randall Wright, premiers at The Rockefeller Foundation on Tuesday 22 September.

We’re excited to be launching the film during the UNGA70, with an audience that includes representatives from the likes of BRAC, Save the Children, Intra Health, USAID, World Vision, the World Health Organisation, the World Economic Forum, the Global Health Council, Harvard School of Public Health and many more.

The New York premier has been organised by international advocacy group Global Health Strategies and will include a panel discussion with Dr Sania Nishtar, author of the book on which the film is based.

Dr Nishtar’s campaigning work has earned her numerous accolades. The film tells the stories of people whose lives have been transformed by the model of health financing that her NGO, Heartfile, has developed in a bid to counter the problems – or blockages – that prevent millions of people accessing the care they need.

“I discovered how differently the health system behaved towards the rich versus the poor.  That difference was very unacceptable - that’s why I embarked on a journey to find a solution,” Dr Nishtar says in the film.  “A health system has to satisfy the people, it has to cater to the needs of the rich and the poor, and it should ensure that patients don’t face financial catastrophe when they fall ill.”

Choked Pipes will be screened in the USA by KCETLink later this autumn.  Global release dates to follow.