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Summer in the Forest: Great reviews and roll-out ...

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Summer in the Forest: Great reviews and roll-out ...

After a packed house for Premier at Picuturehouse Central (Piccadilly Circus) we go from strength to strength. Thanks to great ticket sales Picturehouse have extended our run to 5 weeks, we are playing to full houses all round the country and the number of cinemas taking the film grows daily. There’s a full list of venues on the film website below.   And we’re getting great reviews: The Guardian *

In today’s aggressively opinionated world, it seems the film’s message has traction.  So take a breath, slow down and listen to others - and your life will be so much richer.

We think this is all about the way a story is told. We haven't led with the issue and we're not challenging audiences by asking them to make their minds up in favour of this or that. We take them on a gentle and thoughtful journey and our audience engages with our characters - who just happen to be intellectually disabled.  

Cinema release in North America will be from mid-September.

 *We also have terrific reviews in the Telegraph, Mail, Express and the Spectator - so most political hues can be catered for!