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Rockhopper International

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Rockhopper International

All the following broadcasters hold active licenses on 3 of our recent TV series. It's a big audience!

BBC, ABC (USA), Al Jazeera, PBS, ITV, Showtime Networks, NHK, BBC World News, National Geographic Channel Europe, Discovery Networks China, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Link TV, SBS - Australia, Israel Educational Television, NPR & PRI, Discovery Networks Latin America, TV2 Norway, National Geographic Channel Network International, Vlaamse Media Maatschappij (Belgium), Ole Communications (History Channel, Bio & A&E), Foxtel Management Pty Ltd, SBC (South Africa), Maori Television Service, Telcast International, 
Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, 
Community Channel, Cineplex Company Limited, Telcast International  - German Speaking Europe, Odyssee (Ushuaia TV) French speaking Africa and Arabic speaking French Territories, CineplexCo Thailand, JTTV Greece, TVN, RadioTelev, Radio Television Brunei, Profour Film, Chello Hungary, CeskaProgr  Czech Republic, Slova, Multicanal Iberia, S.L.U., TV4AB, UKTV - English speaking Western Europe, Top TV Limited, ABC AsiaPac - Guam, Marshall Islands, Most of Asia, Most of Australia & NZ, TV3TV Spain, Red Bull - German Speaking Europe,  ABDroits - French Speaking Europe &French speaking Africa, TVE Spain, Chello Central Europe, ZRT, Transworld Television Audio-Visual Copyright Soc. Ltd,  Education Digital Management Limited, TV4 Australia Network, Televisio de Catalunya, Droits Audiovisuels, TVE - Television Espanola S.A.
DBS Satellite Services, 
Canal +, The History Channel Iberia, Video Education Australasia
, Sveriges Television, Metropolis Television Inc, Transworld Television,  Globosat Programadora, Fairfax Digital Australia and New Zealand Ltd, Groupe TVA Inc.