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Drunken Butterflies: Director's Cut

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Drunken Butterflies: Director's Cut

"I remember what it's like to start a fight with someone just because. To stand there screaming the f-word because you get off on the drama. To dare someone to hit you in the parking lot. This is a movie about female toughness... a side of girlhood - and maybe a class-specific side - that isn't represented often or in such a sympathetic way" - Bitch Flicks.

With 45 minutes of new material and improvised from scratch by the mostly female cast, DRUNKEN BUTTERFLIES is part fiction and part real life.  As a drama-filled day turns into a messy house party night, friendships rise and fall, allegiances shift, and the lines between reality and fiction shatter like a pint glass in a face. 

A film about violence, drugs, infidelity, sex, death, youth, vajazzles, making new friends and growing up fast.