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Global healthcare should be a fundamental, universal human right.  And yet the reality for millions of people worldwide is that healthcare remains a service accessible to a rare, privileged few.

In this landmark documentary, Dr Sania Nishtar - one of the leaders of a new movement in Global Health proposing the reform of entire health systems - leads award-winning filmmaker Randall Wright on a journey through the health system of her native Pakistan, where 73% of the population have no financial health coverage.

In Pakistan, the smallest of medical problems can be a matter of life and death, and reform is all but impossible without confronting the powerful, vested interests that exist everywhere within the health system. Against these odds, the Choked Pipes of Pakistan’s healthcare system are being unblocked thanks to the innovation and ambition of Dr Nishtar.  Released as the UN convenes to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals, Choked Pipes captures a sense of hope and the potential for change.

*Choked Pipes premiers at the Rockefeller Foundation in New York on Tuesday 22 September 2015 during the UNGA70.  Global release dates to follow.



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